Spotlight-ish Announcements

Spotlight-ish Announcements

Hello everyone!

Since our spotlight segment isn’t up and running yet I figured I would throw out some highlights for this week.

Upgrade News
I received a call yesterday from Embarcadero letting us know that there is a very short upgrade incentive right now. My understanding was that the offer only lasts until November 1. If you have Professional and you would like to upgrade to Architect or Enterprise this offer applies. Right now they are offering Architect upgrades for the same price as Enterprise upgrades. This means you can go up two tiers for the price of going up one. Some of the differences that I know of between the two are access to connectors and usage of the RAD Server. I’m sure there are more. Another important thing to know, last time we re-upped our Professional license we were informed that the Mobile Add-On Pack would not be available for Professional when we did our next renewal. This is important for those of us using it to know so we can plan for the additional upgrade cost to go to Enterprise.

For more information on these contact your sales person or call +1(512) 226-8080.

Android 64-bit News
We have had the pleasure of receiving sneak peaks of the excellent work being done on the IDE. I know everyone working on mobile has been watching the Android 64-bit situation. From what I have seen and experienced, they have made excellent progress on this. My personal opinion is that this will be resolved very soon. Please keep in mind that I say that without any first hand knowledge of their release efforts. If you are being held back by the Android 64-bit release and cannot release your application because of it, please contact your representative so they can assist you with working around this issue.

No episode this week
I would like to personally apologize that there has not been an episode this week. I am preparing to travel and have been extremely busy getting ready for this. As we grow and have additional support we will be able to better keep up with the release schedules. It is important for us to follow the release schedules so you know what to expect and when. Our most time consuming issue right now is the post production process on the videos. We are looking for someone to help us with this but until then it will be dependent on my schedule. Additionally, we intend to increase the frequency of our spotlight news from weekly to twice a week or more. At the moment we are working to start it out at once a week but this will feel strange at first for the Alexa users. We have to choose between them receiving the same news segment all week or them missing the segment because they didn’t listen that day. We are working to find a balance on this.

And with that I’ll sign off for now!

That’s your spotlight news for 10/24/2019!

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