Podcast: Delphi Discussions

Debugging Techniques (Audio Only)

Jump in and learn various debugging techniques and tools with Zach, Dave, and Jim.

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Monolithic Development Techniques (Audio Only)

Here we explore monolithic development, pitfalls that cripple it, and techniques that can be used to accomplish it successfully.

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Gaining Confidence In Your Designs (Audio Only)

In this episode we discuss the different ways that we can gain confidence in our designs. We explore how to get over feeling our code is inferior.

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Myths About Delphi (Audio Only)

In this episode we will discuss several myths about Delphi that we have heard, read, and been witnesses to over the years. We will discuss each myth and try to provide the real information and facts.

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Why We Choose Delphi (Audio Only)

This is the first episode the discussions series. This episode provides listeners some background on the shows hosts as well as why they choose Delphi and under what circumstances they reach for it.

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