Zach Briggs

Zach Briggs is a Michigan native who has a fusion of the entrepreneurial spirit and mind of an engineer. He brings a unique perspective that allows him to look at technology, methodology, and practical implementation in unique ways.

With a composition of skills in networking, telecommunications, software and hardware development, as well as business management, he has worked with fortune 500 companies and startups alike. His passion was first ignited when he was a young child when he was introduced to computers, programming, and electronics by family and friends. 

Others would be enamored with the new and cool things that could be done as technology advanced, he would be captivated with how it worked. Having been introduced to programming and Pascal at such a young age has allowed him to maintain an affinity for the language. His life experiences have made it possible for him to learn a variety of languages and compare those experiences.


While his favorite or “native” programming language as he calls it will always be Pascal, he handled a minimum of 7 different languages in an average work week. Doing this has allowed him to truly appreciate the merits of each. He spends most of his free time with family or by helping others explore their ideas.