Dave Nottage

Dave Nottage hails from Adelaide, South Australia. He has an amazing and never ending passion for all things Delphi, can be seen through his community involvement, including the Delphi Worlds blog, and various open source projects like Kastri Free.

Dave is an Embarcadero MVP and frequently renders assistance to hobbyist and corporate Delphi users alike. He is a independent software consultant with an amazing set of skills in cross-platform and native.

The software development journey for Dave started in high school marking “punch” cards (using a language called APL) that would be sent from the country town where he went to school, into a computer centre in Adelaide, then results would be returned around a week later.

When at university, Dave was introduced to Pascal with which he immediately fell in love. From there it was a purely natural progression to Turbo Pascal (for DOS and Windows), then to Delphi.